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“The Hanukkah Story” World Premiere!


Music review: A musical gift for everyone Written By: Sheryl Jensen, For the Duluth News Tribune | 4:28 pm, Dec. 7, 2021 Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra Dirk Meyer, conductorDecember 4, 2021 “With Christmas bells brightly ringing, the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra Chorus merrily singing, and the orchestra festively playing, the “Holiday Spectacular” concert certainly lived up to its […]

A Smile and a Hymn of Thanks


I am, by nature, an optimist. I wear my smile inside and I am generally able to feel its resonance come forward, providing an overall lightness of being during my waking hours. Of course, there have been the inevitable occasions in which I have found myself dangerously deep down one rabbit hole of negativity or […]

Brahms and Chicken Curry With a Side of Integrity


I will admit that it has been a bit difficult for me to listen to music or watch pre-COVID performance videos as our absence from the concert hall and theatres graduates to its fifth month of silence. Without any in-person large ensemble musical collaborations being realistically viable in the near future before both the performers […]

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Why We Do That Which We Do…


I write music.  I conduct concerts.  I teach.  Invariably, with the state of the world being what it is, there are several moments of each passing day during which I find myself engaged in a philosophical battle that begins with the sad question, “Why should I bother?” The correspondence below serves as an important reminder […]

photo of mount rushmore

Under the Stony Gaze of Four Presidents


In July of 2007, I was honored to lead the Young Musicians Foundation Balmat National Orchestra Camp in a performance at the foot of Mount Rushmore. Ninety high school student musicians from all over the United States had been selected by audition for the opportunity to spend two weeks in the Black Hills of South […]

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Captain Stubing Bought Me My First Set of Tails


A dark blue corduroy suit. It was late August, 1980 and, at the age of sixteen, I was making my debut at Tanglewood on Parade with the Boston University Tanglewood Institute, conducting Brahms’ Academic Festival Overture in a dark blue corduroy suit. Mind you, I didn’t care that the suit was blue or that the […]

On Leadership and Joy


Sermon I wrote and presented at Congregation Beth El in Bangor, ME Yom Kippur Service 10/12/16 My father once asked me a question when I was just three years old. He asked, “Lucas—what is the meaning of life?” I’m not sure what inspired him to pose this particular question to a three-year-old but I like […]

In Truth – The Genesis of a CD


The journey from the concert hall to a commercial recording is not one which many new musical works are granted the opportunity to take. In the case of my own Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth, that journey began with a simple question posed by two devoted patrons of the arts: “What will it take […]

Life Without Art


Life without the Arts is life devoid of expression… the Arts are the most powerful means by which humans can express their innermost feelings in ways that transcend time and environment. 

The Live Orchestra


My summers, as a child, were largely spent in my mother’s upstate New York hometown of Albany where, when we weren’t attending summer camp, we were whisked away by my dear uncle, Alfred, to attend concerts at Tanglewood…