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As a composer and as a conductor, Lucas Richman has been involved in a number of creative endeavors that utilize the power of artistic expression to stimulate awareness and affect change in communities across the United States.

When children are exposed to music from an early childhood they feel more comfortable expressing themselves in artistic modes or even non-artistic modes. Whether or not the children eventually grow up in pursuit of a professional life in the arts is not important.  What is important, however, is for children to learn that the arts are a healthy vehicle for self-expression and can be utilized as vital coping mechanisms on the treacherous pathway to adulthood. 

There is no question that the power of music can extend beyond the concert hall and touch our daily lives in whatever we do, providing multiple benefits as a source of healing and therapy.  Incorporating music into the healing process uplifts the spirit of the patients and by doing so accelerates the recovery period.

One of the wonders of music is its capacity to reflect every human emotion. In the theatre, a character on stage is obliged to sing when words alone do not suffice.