Life Without Art

On life without art:

Life without the Arts is life devoid of expression.  Art separates humans from the animals because, after establishing the essentials of living (food, water, shelter), the Arts are the most powerful means by which humans can express their innermost feelings in ways that transcend time and environment.  Sports are fun and necessary for the maintenance of body and spirit, but they are not the resonating factors that serve as the basis of higher cultures and advanced societies.

The continued notion that the arts are expendable is the most damaging not only to the support of the arts but, ultimately, damaging to the society itself.  It is imperative for elected officials to advocate for the importance of the arts in our communities because, across the board, those individuals/families/communities who are involved in the arts continuously (and historically) thrive, whereas those individuals/families/communities who do not incorporate the arts as a normal part of life are headed down a path of ignorance and a state of decrepitude.