Richman’s ‘Her Light’ is Most Intricate, Passionate Commission for BSO Yet

A highlight of every Bangor Symphony Orchestra season is hearing a new Lucas Richman composition. “Her Light,” commissioned by Eloise Ricciardelli in honor of her daughter, Cassandra Babbitt, premiered Sunday at the Collins Center for the Arts at the University of Maine. Written to “musically mirror the impact one individual has when her light is […]

BSO’s Concert of ‘Deathly Classics’ Blows Roof Off Collins Center

The Bangor Symphony Orchestra opened its 122nd season Sunday afternoon with a concert that blew the roof off the Collins Center for the Arts and raised the bar for the musicians a good five to 10 feet. The concert was marketed as featuring “deathly classics” because of its proximity to Halloween and the pieces’ dark […]

“Serenity on the Lake”

One of the best things about having composer Lucas Richman as the conductor of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra is the music he writes. Often, they are pieces commissioned by concertgoers at the annual fundraising auction to honor family members. Two years ago, Lee Souweine was the winning bidder. He asked for a piece to honor […]

BSO Delivers Lively Finale to 2018-2019 Season

~ ORONO — “Viennese Masters” was the title of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra’s final concert last Sunday in its 2018-19 Masterworks series. Vienna has spawned so many musical masters, but the Symphony’s choices, Mozart and Bruckner, are nothing if not exemplary. The afternoon began with Mozart’s Symphony No. 33 in B-flat Major. Written when the […]

BSO, Soloists Deliver Moving, Memorable Concert

ORONO — The Bangor Symphony Orchestra opened its 123rd season Sunday afternoon with a concert of works by Bernstein, Ravel and Sibelius. Music Director and conductor Lucas Richman remarked that this was probably the first time a BSO performance had begun with the strumming of an electric guitar — the introductory chord of “Simple Song” […]

“Symphony: This Will Be Our Reply”

Saturday night in Oak Ridge, a double string quartet was doing its best to go about the routines of daily life while gunshots rang out in the percussion and the rest of the orchestra seemed to be teetering on chaos.

“Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth”

Will a composer’s new music hold up for the long term? If popularity with audiences is one of the criteria, then conductor and composer Lucas Richman’s brand new “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth,” certainly qualified.

“Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra: The Clearing”

…is certainly the work of a confident composer. It is also original, thought provoking and intellectually intriguing. If there has been anything heard recently that deserved a standing ovation, Richman’s concerto and DeAlmeida’s performance, was it.

“Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra: The Clearing”

“Richman’s nuanced writing for DeAlmeida captured the touching program of his concerto, namely of a youth finding strength in spirituality, represented by Psalm 23. Gorgeous writing for the oboe treated it as the vocal instrument it is in the hands of a master talent like DeAlmeida. A quietly ravishing oboe vocalese, crafted to inflections of […]