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“An Overture to Blanche”

“Richman opened the concert with one of his own works, An Overture to Blanche, an 11-minute concert expansion on part of his incidental music for the recent Clarence Brown Theatre production of Tennessee Williams’ A Streetcar Named Desire. As a solo tenor sax passage sets the stage, I found myself pleasantly immersed in the smoky, jazzy environs […]

“Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra: The Clearing”

PSOliloquy “The recording’s most successful work by far—an enjoyable and admirable work—is the Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra (2006). Subtitled The Clearing it is a seventeen-minute, single-movement tone poem that seems to begin in medias res. Commissioned by Cynthia Koledo DeAlmeida, the Symphony’s principal oboe, The Clearing refers to the peace evoked in Psalm 23. DeAlmeida sings with an astonishing […]

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“Behold the Bold Umbrellaphant”

“The half-hour composition, with the celebrated poet [Jack Prelutsky] narrating, proved to be a hit with the young audiences at the four youth concerts and the Sunday Family Festival Concert, all under the enthusiastic direction of the San Diego Symphony Orchestra’s Assistant Conductor, Philip Mann.  Richman’s clever orchestration mirrored Prelutsky’s imaginative texts and gave the […]

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“Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth”

One immediately sensed that the volume level in the lobby of the Tennessee Theatre at intermission of the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra concerts last week was quite a bit higher than usual following the occasion of the world premiere of Maestro Lucas Richman’s new piano concerto, Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth. “Abuzz” might be a […]

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“Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth”

The Bangor Symphony Orchestra captivated and awed concertgoers Sunday afternoon with a program that left them asking the question: Who, as Americans, are we? Are we the past of Peggy Stuart Coolidge’s Pioneer Dances when settlers pushed westward, settling a continent? Are we the vast industrial nation, struggling to welcome all to our shores that Antonin Dvorak wrote about […]

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“Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth”

…But the newest and most exciting musical adventure of the evening was Richman’s own original composition — “Concerto for Piano and Orchestra: In Truth,” with guest pianist Jeffery Biegel. When the conductor explained the thought behind the three movements of his piece, titled “To One’s Self,” “To One’s World” and “To One’s Spirit,” and how […]