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Category: On Conducting

Why We Do That Which We Do…

July 15, 2018 On Conducting 0 Comments

I write music. I conduct concerts. I teach. Invariably, with the state of the world being what it is, there are several moments of each passing day during which I find myself engaged in a philosophical battle that begins with the sad question, “Why should I bother?” The correspondence below serves as an important reminder […]

The Live Orchestra

November 25, 2013 On Conducting

  On the excitement of hearing an orchestra perform live: My summers, as a child, were largely spent in my mother’s upstate New York hometown of Albany where, when we weren’t attending summer camp, we were whisked away by my dear uncle, Alfred, to attend concerts at Tanglewood, the summer home of the Boston Symphony […]

Leadership and Conducting

November 12, 2013 Biographical, On Conducting

On leadership and conducting:   In a way, I consider the vocation of conducting as being one of the best examples of leadership.  Doing my job well on the podium is contingent on maintaining a balance between leading and following.  The conductor provides direction that initiates the production of sound (tempo, dynamics, articulation, phrasing) and then he/she must immediately listen to the feedback […]

Leonard Bernstein

January 22, 2013 Biographical, On Conducting

On Leonard Bernstein and Candide: Leonard Bernstein, the renowned American conductor and composer, had a tremendous influence on my life because he was, in everything he did, a teacher and a mentor. It didn’t matter if he was conducting, composing, playing the piano or singing with his croaky voice—he was always conveying to others that music […]

On Marvin Hamlisch

January 4, 2013 Biographical, On Conducting

On Marvin Hamlisch: At the beginning of August in 2012, I was in Los Angeles to lead the 15th installment of my BMI seminar, Conducting for the Film Composer. We had also scheduled the first live performance of Symphony of Hope: The Haiti Project on August 3rd with an orchestra and chorus made up of […]